Software Engineer


Legend: good, decent, sufficient,

Human's Languages

Italian (Mother Language), English, French

Machine's Languages

C, Python, Java, LabView, Javascript, PHP, Lua, C++, REALBasic,

Markup, Style and Data Representation Languages

HTML 4.1, XHTML 1.1, CSS 2 LaTex, XML, JSON, YAML,

Libraries and Framework

ZIO, Linux kernel, jQuery, Python unittest, tkinter, PyQt4, C standard library, Pyhton standard libraries, Java standard libraries, Symphony 2.x, OpenGL, Log4j, Hibernate, OpenCV, bison, flex


SQL, MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL

Development Tools

emacs, git, gdb, Eclipse, Aptana, systemtap, doxygen, UML 2, vi/vim, svn

Operating System

Linux Distribution (RedHat-based mainly), MacOS X, Windows 7


LibreOffice, OpenOffice, MS Office


All my projects are free and available on the following Repository. You are free to copy and use my software. Any suggestion, contribution and bug-report is very appreciated.




Free And Open Source Software at CERN: Integration of Drivers in The Linux Kernel

ICALEPCS 2011 - Grenoble, France


ZIO: a Framework for High Capacity I/O

FOSDEM 2013 - Brussels, Belgium

[web] [talk]

ZIO: The Ultimate Linux I/O Framework

ICALEPCS 2013 - San Francisco, U.S.A.


A GPS Watch Made of Free Software and Hardware

FOSDEM 2015 - Brussels, Belgium

[web] [talk]

Trigger and RF Distribution Using White Rabbit

ICALEPCS 2015 - Melbourne, Australia

[paper] [talk]

Processing High-Bandwidth Bunch-by-Bunch Observation Data from the RF and Transverse Damper Systems of the LHC

ICALEPCS 2015 - Melbourne, Australia


Developing Distributed Hard-Real Time Software Systems Using FPGAs and Soft Cores

ICALEPCS 2015 - Melbourne, Australia

[paper] [talk]


universita di Pavia
Master Degree in Computer Engineering
Institute Università degli studi di Pavia
Date dicembre 2011
Vote 110/110 con Lode
Thesis Development of an I/O framework within the Linux kernel for high-bandwidth data transfers (ZIO)
universita di Pavia
Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering
Institute Università degli studi di Pavia
Date luglio 2009
Vote 96/110
Thesis Development of a desktop environment for WinFErno and GUI for Windows diskpart utility
universita di Pavia
Diploma of Computer Technician
Institute I.T.I.S. Girolamo Cardano
Date luglio 2005
Vote 84/100


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address Address 6, Via Cantarana, 27043 San Cipriano Po (PV), Italy
linkedin Linked-in http://www.linkedin.com/in/federicovaga
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