Software Engineer


Legend: excellent, good, decent, sufficient, poor

Human's Languages

Italian (Mother Language), English, French

Programming Languages

C, LabView, Java, Python, REALBasic

Libreries and Framework

ZIO, Linux kernel, Python unittest, PyQt4, C standard library, Pyhton standard libraries, Java standard libraries, Hibernate, OpenCV, OpenGL, Log4j

Web Development

HTML 4.1, XHTML 1.1, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Symphony 2.x


SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Software Engeneering


Development Tools

Eclipse, Aptana, git, emacs, systemtap, svn

Operating System

Fedora, MacOS X fino a 10.5, Linux Distribution, Windows 7

Office Programs and Languages

LaTex, LibreOffice MS Office


ZIO - The Ultimate I/O Framework

ZIO is a framework for high capacity transfer; ZIO is developed within the Linux kernel. The need of the development of this framework is stemmed from the observation that the current I/O framework (IIO and Comedi) are inadequate when you need to transfer large amounts of data. With Alessandro Rubini, we start the development of the ZIO framework.

PyZIO - ZIO's python library

PyZIO is a python library to handle ZIO devices using Python language.

ZIO-UT - ZIO's Unittest

ZIO-UT is python test suite made with the python unittest framework. The main purpose of this program is to test the ZIO framework features.

Radio Italia Streaming

Radio Italia Streaming is a little Amarok script to listen Italian's radios.


This is a very simple library to handle with uinput char device.



Master Degree in Computer Engineering
Institute Università degli studi di Pavia
Date dicembre 2011
Vote 110/110 con Lode
Thesis Development of an I/O framework within the Linux kernel for high-bandwidth data transfers (ZIO)
Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering
Institute Università degli studi di Pavia
Date luglio 2009
Vote 96/110
Thesis Development of a desktop environment for WinFErno and GUI for Windows diskpart utility
Diploma of Computer Technician
Institute I.T.I.S. Girolamo Cardano
Date luglio 2005
Vote 84/100


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